About us



MIP Polyform is a small veteran-owned company bringing more than 30 years experience to the business.

Military and private industry, along with rubber and plastic molding capabilities created the name MIP Polyform  Our quality products will meet your requirements including dimensions, materials, packaging, labeling, and conformance and full traceability to your specifications.  Our commitment to customer service provides our customer base with on time, competitively priced, top-quality products you can depend on.

MIP Polyform's manufacturing facility is equipped to perform physical properties, heat aging, fuel/solvent/oil aging, and pressure testing.  Parts are routinely compression and transfer molded to precise tolerances.  Cryogenic de-flashing accomplishes most of the cleaning, but is also done by hand when needed.  We produce products to NAS1523, SAE, MS and ASTM standards as well as sealing washers, O-rings, MS flat gaskets, GASKO-type flat gaskets, molded shapes," to print specification" and custom size packing with retainers.  

MIP Polyform can quote your requirements, working with the customer through conception and design stages, to full production.  We sell direct and will work from blanket orders, if requested.




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